January 9, 2009

mental breakdown

Well I'm back to being sane again. seriously!

These past three months have been the biggest roller coaster ride I've been on since last living @ home with my mom! The highs were well, high! and the lows were the pits and the in betweens were just blah!

In the past week or so I had a complete mental breakdown. And you know what? I needed it - crazy I know! But really I'm glad it happened when it did instead of all of that hitting me in the middle of the tax season. I can't handle a breakdown & taxes all at once!

We had an extravagant New Year's Eve party with some close friends. We all had alot of fun and probably drank too much =) But isn't that what the night is all about? Well it's always been that way for us. It's a great night to remember the past, see everyone one last time for the year, then toss it all out and start the new year off right. Gotta get rid of the old to bring in the new!

And I sure can't wait for all the things 2009 is going to bring! As long as there's not as much drama as there was in the last part of 2008 LOL!

On other fronts if you haven't guessed yet I've already started with tax things this year. After last years stimulus checks that were sent out, everyone is making sure their taxes are done early.

My microwave died earlier this week =( It makes me sad because we just bought it about 2 years ago. Why don't things last very long anymore? It's not like we just bought the cheapest one in the store. We spent time doing research to make sure we got the right one for our family and made sure it was by a company that had a history of good products. Still it didn't even last very long. Oh well. I'm going to get a new one tomorrow. This time I'm picking out the cheapest one I can find here in town that has a turntable and is digital!

Oh and the stinking cat that showed up here a couple months ago is in heat ~ BLAH! The dumb thing don't like anyone except #2 - I'd rather toss it out on it's butt than keep it. But no, not me I'm a softie. So I'll be making an appointment for her to get fixed soon. I really can't stand listening to a cat while in heat!! But this is strictly a NO pregnant cat house!

Well things should be slowing down sometime soon so I should be able to get back to posting more regularly. I sure did miss my little spot here on the web!


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