January 23, 2009

teen love

We've had to deal with lovely teenage love here in the last year - OH YEA! And so hasn't Dana over at Homesteading Housewife. And although we've not had to deal with what is appropriate contact between bf & gf's in our house, she has.

I really like what one of her commenters said when asked how much is ok with you (the parents), to be done in front of you. Here's the answer one gave -

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Shelby said...
Been there, done that a few times already!

1. Peck-type kiss? Cool.
2. Tongue kissing? GROSS. Yeah, I know we do it with our spouses but it's supposed to be PRIVATE. I don't even like seeing it on TV. Ick.
2. Hand-holding? Cool.
3. Hugs of the kind like I might give my BFF after I haven't seen her in a while? Cool.
4. Hugging for extended periods or where you can't tell one ends and the other begins? Not cool.
5. Head on the other one's shoulder sitting on the couch (in the family room where anybody could walk by anytime)? Cool.
6. LAYING on the couch together? That's enough (and we did it a couple of times too!) to bring the evening to a screeching halt!
7. Also -- teenage, hormone-laden hands can be TRICKY THINGS. HANDS IN SIGHT at all times!
8. Related to #7? NO SNUGGLING under a throw blanket or afghan!

We were strict but not too much since nobody moved out til their mid 20s!

^^^THIS is what I'm going to use as my guidelines of what is ok & what isn't! I know I'm stealing it but ..... if a method works, why mess with it? I consider it a form of flattery! =)

I just really don't think I'm ready for any of this! I'm not even 30 yet! (don't remind me that it's almost here!)


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