August 3, 2011

Jeez it's just been too hot lately! I really hope since it cooled down alot tonight that it'll be cooler for the next couple of days. This heat makes everything impossible to do.

Let's see.......

The pet store lady said wait a couple of days then call her. So that's on hold for awhile.

Still trying to harvest potatoes and still need to process the ones we have harvested. And the herbs are doing GREAT! Still getting tomatoes thankfully!  Here's one that looked funky we got the other day =)

LOL It looks like it's got a dingy! Too funny! I have no clue what caused it to do this?

Still no eggs from the chickens. Been feeding them every scrap I can to entice them but no luck yet. It may be the heat? Young birds are so finicky.

Need to make some laundry detergent again. Last time we did it (too long ago) we tried the liquid method because I wasn't getting the soap small enough to dissolve quickly and I broke my 3rd food processor grating it. The liquid is more difficult to find storage for but is easier to use at the moment you need it.


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