August 4, 2011

lazy day

Picture of today --

Well today was a lazy day even though it was decent outside. I guess we needed a day to reboot from all the draining days? LOL It doesn't help that 4 of the 6 of us are getting too little sleep :\

What we did today -- got the potatoes inside and washed, watered the garden, made raw salsa, did Miss Vicky's makeup (youngest daughter), and also made her some new eye shadow. Oh yeah and we picked up a pair of sandals from a freecycle listing but they didn't fit me or Alexis =(


Oh yeah and I downloaded a new program that allows you to see, hear & print guitar/bass tabs. So then we was able to d/l two new songs for Chiam -- Ratt ~ Way Cool Jr  and  Great White ~ Mista Bone. He's having a blast trying to play them!

And we also managed to get almost all of our other "normal" stuff done -- except I meant for the kids to move the hamster's water bottles around. We did a complete cleaning of all their stuff about 2 weeks ago and I've noticed that since water bottles were switched that some of them have a hard time getting water now =( I really need to make sure they do that tomorrow!

Oh and last, on a sad note, Darkside's biggest, oldest goldfish died today ='(  We could tell he was feeling poorly cause he hasn't been swimming like normal. That old fish was the only one that lived through the "GREAT BLEACHING OF WINTER 2010" (I know I should lol but it does sound silly!) Short story - we cleaned the tank THOROUGHLY and didn't rinse well enough and lost all the fish but one.


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