March 5, 2009


Well it's official! I change my mind MORE than I do my underwear!!!

Too much info? HAHAHAHA!!

Due to a number of circumstances we will be moving back home to stay with the fil. It may only be for a short while -or- it may be for the next year.

Now to see if this Iowa weather will let me get out of this state!

But a good thing is we found someone to rent the house so it's not sitting empty. I couldn't believe that someone Darkside worked with would even come by let alone ask to help us out! Really he just wants to be closer to work, but hey what do we care??

It won't be any extra money because he's agreed to put the equivalent of rent INTO the house -- which helps us out ALOT. Although we would like the money, who can beat that?

Now to get packing =)


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