March 10, 2009

when we moved from Jacksonville, IL to Santa Maria, CA

Back in 1991 Mom & Delos decided we were going to sell off the household things, pack up what we needed in 2 cars and head to Cali where Delos went to school. YEA! It was one crazy idea let me tell you!

We were driving the car and towing the little truck with all our stuff in it. We got 30 miles down the road and BAM! car broke down. I'm not sure what was wrong but when we left from there we no longer were towing the truck, but was driving it.

I'm not sure how long it took for us to get to Santa Maria, but I know it wasn't quick! We stopped in Las Vegas for at least one night! While there we visited my aunt, uncle, & cousin.

While driving my brother and I would switch back and forth between the two vehicles taking turns. My mother would regularly turn it into a race between check points. We always had a check point so we'd never lose each other. Until my mom didn't pay attention and passed it up.

Delos and I stopped in Bakersfield but mom never did. We waited and waited and they never showed. So after about an hour or so Delos tried to get the state police to make a report. They wouldn't. They said to go on to where we were supposed to end our trip then make a report but they would leave a bulletin out -- I guess so if mom made a report?

So Delos and I head off to continue our trip on the predetermined route -- through the mountains. Well Delos has problems with getting sleepy while driving -- of course he wanted to pull over to sleep. So he pulls over -- going up a mountain to sleep. There is no more ground on my side of the truck, which is probably a safe way to do things, but I thought for sure the truck was going to fall off the mountain! Plus it was SO dark! I must of got him spooked too because he said ok when I said I wanted to keep going. We took off and drove all night till we got there.

Mom on the other hand, drove down the wrong road and went through Los Angeles! She was lucky that when she went through Los Angeles it was late at night so they didn't have too much traffic to deal with. When she got to Santa Maria she checked in with the state police and they left a message for Delos of which motel she was at.

Somehow she got there WAY before us. So they got a great night's sleep and we were tired.

Sadly, three months later we made the exact same journey going back home. And that trip was WAY worse! My brother and I rode in the back of the truck all the way back!

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