March 7, 2007

glory hallelujah!

hmmmm.......just wondering what kinds of things I can glorify today

Naw, just sitting and reflecting over my day. Ok to start out - I got up @ 9am today & stayed up! YEA! And I didn't even have an appointment or anything! LOL! If you only knew how hard that was for me. Last year (wow almost EXACTLY 1 year ago!) we hooked up with some old friends of ours and our schedule SEVERELY got screwed up. Like we was going to bed at 4-5 am and not getting up till noon! We usually are NOT like that, not that we don't enjoy staying up late - just not that late! But we had some good times while hanging out with those old friends so it was worth it. We're just horrible in the self control areas of life! Well actually I should be honest - I am horrible and I evilly influenced Darkside *insert evil laugh here* LOL!

But anyway back on topic (there was one right??). I got up @ 9am and made the ever hungry #4 breakfast - cake (mmmm....not that I got any ). I swear as long as food ISN'T something I'm trying to make for a meal - she'll eat it w/2nd's even! But any other time - NOPE! Later Darkside got up. Then we sat here trying to get our lists together - then left @ about 2pm. We're like turtles here. We went to J'ville and got very, very little done. Our life is like this usually, sucks huh?

#2 went to my aunt's house to spend the night last night & tonight. She likes going but the two of them really get on each others nerves after awhile. Weird huh - a almost 11 yr old & a 50-something - and they get on each others nerves! Did I ever say my family was normal? NOPE!!!

Oh yeah, and my wonderful & talented husband FIXED the van yesterday! It took him NO time at all! I knew he could We got it all back legal today so I'll be able to drive my baby again!

Tonight I seen a girl I went to daycare with when I was like 3 - 11 yrs old. She's a couple years older than me but we were usually all shoved in together. We both did Saturday which there was never very many on that day. UGH! Her & her friends were so "we are royal - your nothing" - WHATEVER! But that's how kids are. But I am continually amazed of how everyone (pretty much) stays looking the same as they did when they are young. Which is good in alot of ways - cause that means I look the same then too, right???? LOL!

My birthday is coming up next month. I'm turning the dreaded 28. Don't ask me why but I DREAD turning 28. All the other ones don't really bother me - ya know like 30, 40, etc. But cause of dear ole mom I can't even begin to like turning 28 or 36 - yea 36 will definitely SUCK! Probably cause both of those years she really bombed out as a person in general - let alone being a mother. So I've really been hating knowing I'm turning 28 next month. Maybe if I say it alot it'll be not so tragic??? worth a shot. not!

ok, this is one of those whiny type ones that may get deleted so get your share now
i blame it on hormones - yea that's it!

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