March 2, 2007

Matt Hardy

Well I planned on being in bed by now but NOPE! I have a new addiction, I'll freely admit it I am ever so slightly (yea right!) addicted to reading Matt Hardy's blog on here & reading all the drama on the Avon erep message boards! Crazy I know but soooo much easier to read that stuff than to try to relearn all the different story lines on Y&R or Days!! LOL! So that's why I'm still up had to write a comment on Matt's blog - my first comment ever on a blog! His blogs are just great!!
I didn't do so good on sales this campaign It's cause we've been sick twice in the last 2 weeks. But hopefully next campaign will be better. I really got to get on the ball with getting new customers cause I really want to achieve President's Club next year. But I'm not sure I'll be able to, though I'm gonna try.
UGH! We got so much to do and I'm a lazy person so I don't know how this is going to work LOL! Um.......maybe I can pay someone else to do my part??? LOL!! I know, I know - just gotta buck up and get busy. Gotta get to bed 1st LOL!
I'll probably post twice today cause this one is so late - sorry but you can always just click on by if I bore you - nah...ya'll love me too much
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