March 30, 2007

stupid ver*zon!

Well I haven't been able to write lately We've just been too busy!

Plus, I got into it with the phone company - f**kin Verizon! I'm so sick of their screwed up ways of doing things. **stupid blonde thing next ->** So I told them to shove their DSL up their pooper! STUPID ANNE! I completely and utterly despise dial-up. I have no clue how people can even DO anything with it. My mail won't d/l and it's getting REALLY backed up! And what really sucks is that I can't call anyone while online. I am ashamed to say how many times I've picked up the phone to call out and heard that damn dial-up noise LOL! Tonight I tried to d/l a nice little program someone was just too great to upload for me and UGH! Something that was only like 50mb took about an hour! So needless to say when Darkside's ex pays child support this next week I'm getting DSL back - one way or another! Hopefully through Earthlink - their the only ones I've found so far that will do DSL here beside f**kin Verizon.

I've got many pics to show everyone but with dial-up, not gonna happen.

Avon's been chuggin along got 2 new customers this past campaign, so that's always good!

Finally went to the library and got those books. The Teenage Liberation Handbook isn't my cup of tea but that's probably because it's meant for a teenager and not a parent. But I read it anyway, just in case. I've got about 4 other un/home/schooling books here that I got too but haven't really dug into them yet.

We got our stuff from VistaPrint today YEA! I just love getting stuff from them! This time we got stuff with our new number on them and some postcards for our now ANNUAL halloween party -YEA! They're the best out of the whole box! Can't wait to stick em in the mail!

I also finally dug out my story I hadn't worked on it since 05!! I've only added about 3 paragraphs to it but it's a start! I'm gonna start pasting bits and pieces of it in here from time to time - I just love how seeing something online kinda concretes it (ya know?).

Now I gotta go do some website designing. Hope everyone has a great Friday night!

Amanda might remember this
Well I'm not sure where to begin this really. I'm thinking it's best to start somewhat at the beginning and work forward. Well work at least up until present time whenever I decide to end this. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to write an autobiography, don't ask me why, just wanted to. Possibly cause I'm always saying I remember everything cause no one else bothers to. And I know someday I may not remember and then who will? This way it's set in paper (or disk….haha!), hopefully to never be forgotten.

But as I was saying, I always have wanted to write this. Over the years I of course told different friends and acquaintances that I would write about this or that which was happening at the time. And they would either give me a nod and a look that said, "Yea, right - NOT!" or they would roll their eyes openly and say, "yea Anne, sure!". A few would say, "Yea and you could say this and this" or "that would be cool to read about someday". No one ever objected or said don't put my name in there or don't write about me. Till one day in December 1995. And the last person I ever thought would say something said, "Don't put my name in there". Let me explain, this guy was one of the nicest, happy-go-lucky person I've ever met. He was up for anything and everything, never serious. Or so I thought. But when he said that he was as serious as I have ever seen him. I tried to laugh it off when he said that, but he said, "No, I'm serious. Don't even put me in it". And I told him I'd just put your initials, not your full name or anything. And he said, "No, nothing at all!". Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, she didn't listen none, huh. Well I did listen. But that dear friend passed from this earth not to long ago (as I write, anyhow). And I would really like for everyone to remember him. He was a very dear man who in his own way brought lots to this earth. All who ever had the pleasure of meeting him will sadly miss him. Also I believe that had I got the chance to re-ask if I could add him in my story, I think he would have said yes. I think he would have turned to me and said, "What?! I don't remember that at all!" (I get that a lot. The point of this remember?)

Now those of you who know me and run in the same circles don't be bugging me about who it is. I'll never tell. Those who were there should of remembered, and if you don't then too bad! I will someday reveal this story to his offspring and besides that, no one else needs to know.

But for that friend, I hope your having fun doing what you did best - slaying dragons, sitting on your very own throne made of gold, smoking some fat ones, succeeding at being that ultimate dealer you always tried to do here, and of course getting it on with as many females as possible. I know your having the time of your life. You'll be greatly missed, always.

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