March 3, 2007


Well I didn't get a entry in earlier, or my order But since I had to wait I did get one more order YAY! Bringing my total over $200! And the great part is mine & the kids' is only about $35 (books & all!).
We got the car fixed today. Wouldn't ya know it - just a bad tire! So we did a quick and easy fix & put on a doughnut for now. We need to go & get some "new" old tires and put them on the rims cause they all are pretty beat up. And since this is just an extra car, I don't want it to be broke down if we need it again.
I got the tax money today so now it's truly ours & safely tucked away for all our projects. Not that we've started anything yet but we will this next week.
Oh yeah just on the VERY OFF CHANCE that Richard or any of those guys are reading this - tell Chris he's needed down here!! Darkside would just kill to have him helping out with the van since he just did a similar job last year. But that is more than likely a very, very off chance
And WHEW buddy those Avon boards were going today! All those women's hormones were just a going! It was a Darkside-day there today LOL
I called the vet today and made the appointment for PawPrint Jello M. to go get fixed. She's #3's cat and she's been in heat twice in the last month or so! UGH! I don't recommend anyone go through that! But come March 27th THAT won't be a problem anymore. The bad thing is when we got her the neighbors said oh yeah it's a boy - YEA right!
And now we got a little cat (not really a kitten) under the house that's wild. Hopefully the way it's been fighting with Peanut & Stupid it's a boy too! It looks like it could be from the same litter as Peanut, same size & markings. So much so that I thought it was Peanut sitting out on the sidewalk one day when we pulled up. If it's a girl & we can tame it this summer we'll have to fix it too I hate to do that but I don't want a bunch of kittens all over.
I am so sick of messing with these new computers! Today they had me crying twice! It's just such a pain in the ass cause they don't do what they are supposed to. But then the next minute - their working?!?! It's the networking thing & Darkside's not wanting to shut down. HE got a great idea (even though I told him it WOULD NOT work!), let call tech support to HP. So he calls and yet again ANOTHER foriegn guy who could barely speak english! (we did think about calling the other countries tech supports cause then maybe we'd get an english speaking person LOL!!) But Darkside sits and does all the steps the tech says for about 30 mins - still not fixed. Then Darkside's like - I can't understand him -YEA RIGHT! But ok I get on the phone and I sit and do everything for about 30 mins - still no change. Then - GET THIS - dude HANGS UP ON ME!! I'm like ???? By this time I'm cussing mad, about to cry and I give up. To hell with it! Flip the damn switch to shut it down till someone with have a brain puts up a tips & fixes for Vista webpage. How long should it take 6 mos to a year? We've been shutting down Frankie like that for over a year and he still works fine ~ well as good as he can anyway! LOL!
It was so funny (forgot to say it last night) - last night when I went to take my aunt's order to her as soon as I walked in her granddaughter who's 15 says to me - "WHAT did you do to your hair??" hands on the hips & all LOL!! Too cute! Then today my grandma came by & she said "OH Anne, how could you do that to your pretty hair! I'm always telling everyone how pretty your hair is." At least someone noticed & said something, right? So it's noticeable
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