March 11, 2007

stoner conversations

Well last night Darkside & I had what I do believe is our very 1st stoner conversation! You know the kind, where your talking about something that is REALLY deep and all questioning and know one knows the answers? The kind of conversation that when your done your head hurts, you think smokes gonna come out your ears, & it even hurts the NEXT DAY to think about it. Yep we had one of those, about eyes of all things! Worst part is - we WEREN'T high! Although #3's farts are mind altering! LOL! But seriously we DONT do drugs.
Yea definitely unusual - haven't had that happen since 1998 or 1999 when I was bored and starting reading the Time Almanac about space & the galaxy. WHOA! That one still throws me for a loop! Let me explain.
Somehow in my school years I never managed to learn alot about space other than there are other planets in our galaxy & they have moons too. That's it - nothing more. And while I was growing up my mom & extended family always had the idea that anything that ISN'T in the bible doesn't exist. Well check your version but mine doesn't have anything AT ALL about other planets in other galaxies and so forth. So when I seen in the Time Almanac that there are other galaxies & planets I was BLOWED AWAY! For about a week straight I was so speechless & damn did my head hurt! LOL! Good thing Darkside knew ALOT about all this or I'd be screwed. (he loves me )
Another big hole I have in my learning is about dinosaurs. I missed that section in all the schools I was in & my family always said it was BS that they weren't real.
But anyway it was definitely a trip to have that conversation last night.
Well I didn't get to the library this week, though I really wanted to My new goal is to go this next week though!
I went to an open house that my UL held today. It was a flop, but she tried real hard - put an ad in the shopper and everything. But it was still fun to get to talk to her and my DM since I missed the sales meeting last month. There was also another kinda new rep there too but I didn't catch her name. Like a dumbass I forgot to even introduce myself
And while I'm sitting there sharing ideas with them on different things you can do I find out that I am further a idiot. See I got this idea off of somewhere to use scrapbooking glue dots for putting samples in my books. So like a good little Avon rep I ran out to Walmart and bought some and have been using them like crazy. Did ya catch my mess up? Yep - I didn't TEST them out! So today as I'm showing them that of course they come right off (the samples) - off came the sample with part of the page I felt like the biggest idiot ever! My UL said she loves using double side tape so I think I'll go with that. I asked a scrapbooking friend of mine (since I don't know about this stuff!) about what she would use but she hasn't got back to me yet. Maybe she will have a good idea too.
But it was a great get together though either way. While I'm thinking about it does anyone know of any good job fairs in the area? Just trying another new idea
well I got like 600 emails to still go through so I better go for now.
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