July 29, 2009

I was drinking Red Snappers...

Lots to tell about, just not been feeling too chatty. Plus, things have been so hectic and busy here.

Last weekend was our 11th anniversary. We didn't do anything special, which was perfectly fine with me! =)

We did go out both nights. Friday night I got drunk, but not so much Saturday night. I was drinking Red Snappers for the most part both nights. I found out about these little beauties from this video -

I think this has the potential of replacing my usual amaretto sour! On Friday night after last call had been made and we were heading out the door, a guy we've met up there was trying to unload a jagger bomb on Darkside. Since Darkside is my designated driver, I gracefully took the shot for him --- YUCK!!! I think that is why I was so sick for half of Saturday!

There's much more but I will have to tell more on it later. Tomorrow I'll post on the garden updates =)


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