July 20, 2010

Fred is gone =(

Well today we had to do something that we knew was coming although we have put it off as long as we could. We had to surrender Fred to the local animal control.

Since moving into the new house we have certain rules we must follow for the community we live in. One of them is no large vicious dogs -- that's Fred to a T.

And in the past year or so he had become even more mean. He had growled at everyone in the house except for me at one time or another and it was usually while he was being petted. He had also taken to trying to break down the front door to get the mailman -- not good!

In the past couple months he had also started to mark his territory in the house. Problem was alot of other things got marked too! When he marked the bunk beds #1's amp also got it -- believe it or not #1 was brave enough to NOT cry but he sure wanted to! Then Fred marked the entertainment center -- and Darkside's DVDs!!! We lost 9 movies because of that -- thankfully they are all pretty easy to find DVDs.

And then there was the fact he NEVER would take a bath --- YUCK!!

When we moved here we figured SR would let us put him out there as he seemed to like Fred while we lived there. We figured that as soon as we moved again we'd taken him back unless SR threw a fit or something =) Well SR called this morning - Fred broke out of his pen again through the night because of the storms and was running loose - come get him now!

Ummm... ok! You can't just leave a mean attack dog to run loose when there are kids that are in your "neighborhood"! What if he would of bitten someone? GAWD! And this is after he did it on Sat. nite and we told him Fred was scared of storms (weird dog, huh? LOL).

So whatever! We went and picked him up -- he was sitting like a good doggy on the front steps -- and took him to the animal control and relinquished him and paid the fee necessary.

yes, I realize they will probably put him to sleep - but maybe not! and if so then that's the way it is, can't help it.

We rescued this dog 4 yrs ago from a lady on  the morgan co. freecycle list. She had rescued him from running loose in the projects (this is her story, idk?). She didn't want to keep him because he had nipped at her son. Within the 1st week Fred nipped at #4 and we punished him -- didn't have anymore problems with him till a year later. He then tried to nip at a friend's daughter, but she was doing the whole screaming & running thing too? But nothing after that till the past year and a half but it wasn't even a consistent problem. And as a family we had done so much changing that we were all cranky so we tried to overlook his crankiness. Overall I think he's a good dog just needs the right family and I'm not sure we were it =(

We all loved him so much but know he's now in a better place even if he is in doggy heaven.


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