July 11, 2010

moved, again!

this title has probably been used WAY too much on this blog in the past 2 years! LOL! And this won't be the last time either.

We've bought a new home and once again are home owners. yea. NOT! I have more restrictions in my new house than any I've been in since 2005. And one thing I hate most is for someone to tell me I CAN'T do something!

But next spring we'll move on again, thankfully. Our plans haven't changed same goal -- live in the country.

Most recently we've set our sights on southern IL because land is cheap there. At least it'll be close to home and in the same area that we're used to. I like black to brown dirt, gentle rolling hills, trees, winter & summer, and ground water within 50' under where you stand. Hopefully all within 3 miles of a town with a gas station, nice library, and a grocery store (added bonus for auto parts, lumber, and building supplies stores!)

Weird requirements I know but, that's me =)

but we're all settled in for the most part and just chugging along in life. here's some updates -

  • Fred (the dog) isn't here anymore but a new dog is a possibility
  • the snapping turtle has been released out at a local lake
  • we are now up to 20 hamsters -- hopefully we will be able to adopt out the newest ones soon
  • the little container garden is doing ok but not spectacular
  • the garden out at SR's is doing pretty good! going to harvest some sweet corn & potatoes soon =)
  • Darkside is back driving thankfully!
  • #2 went to camp a month ago and loved it!
  • She also had a birthday and turned the big 14 =)
  • #3 will be going to camp in the next 2 weeks -- he's so excited!
  • we will be taking #1 to apply for a job tomorrow -- I hope he has luck
I think I've pressured myself into not writing here because of the goal I set earlier this year. So I'm not going to follow it. Same with the excercise goal I had set. When I want to do either thing I just will. I'm just so anti-goal it doesn't work for me. I know I'm I weirdo.......

But hopefully I'll get to write here more now. I really do miss it.

well till then......


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