July 21, 2010

kitchen appliances

A blog I read all the time is doing a great contest from now till Sunday (7-25) and if your comment gets picked you win! The blog is Good Cheap Eats and this is the post. The prize is a Kenmore portable, single burner induction cooker. Sounds fancy but really it's mainly just a single plug-in burner from what I can see LOL!

Well here's what my comment was -
Well the appliance our house can't live without is our electric tea kettle. We use that thing about 3 times a day/ 365 days a year. We always have an extra one on hand - just in case LOL!
But I had more I wanted to say (go figure!). So here it is =)

But the two appliances I love the most are my electric skillet & food processor. I go through food processors like crazy cause I use them for EVERYTHING and always somehow break the grating attachment. The electric skillet is a life saver though because with it I can once again cook for my family.

About a year and a half ago my back started giving me so many problems that I found it hard to stay standing at the stove for more than about 2 mins. I think one of the many times I slipped on the ice up in Iowa Falls must of pulled something out of whack. It's still just as bad if not worse.

yes I plan to go to the dr for it again someday - but I don't hold out much hope for them to fix it since Darkside still sits in pain everyday and nothing has been done to fix his and he's been to plenty of drs & physical therapists. I went once back in January and she gave me a pill that didn't help at all -- in fact it counteracted against my blood pressure pill and I got TERRIBLE leg cramps. I'm going to find a new dr - then try again.

But with the electric skillet I can sit at the table and cook which is GREAT! I love to cook and so not being able to sucked badly. Especially when your trying to tell a teenager how to do it and they don't listen to you and do it all wrong!

Actually the electric skillet came in handy a couple months ago when we moved into a rental house and it didn't include appliances and we had no gas stove (only option). With an electric skillet all cooking is possible, believe me I've done it LOL!

I've actually tried quite a few different electric cooking appliances in the past year - some I've kept and some I've gave to Salvation Army.
  • George Forman grill - not worth it
  • electric tea kettle - worth it if you like hot tea or ice tea (boils in less than 10 mins)
  • sandwich maker - not worth it
  • electric griddle - worth it especially if you have a big family and like pancakes!
  • electric steamer - worth it
  • bread machine - worth it/we have 2!
  • toaster oven - only if you HAVE to/great for bacon tho
  • crock pots - WORTH IT!/we have 2 big & 2 minis
  • air popper - worth it/quicker than stove popped. 
  • electric juicer - not really, but I have mine still =)

We also have a dehydrator that I love and a coffee maker but wasn't sure if I should include them =)

Some that I haven't tried yet but want to are - rice cooker and ice cream maker. I'd also like to get another waffle maker, I really liked mine but it was just a cheap one so once it got waffle batter in the hinge it had to go =(

But the 3 kitchen appliances I would recommend as the most important are a mini chopper, a crock pot, and a coffee maker or electric tea kettle. With those 3 appliances you can get by without a stove if you had to -- even with a large family! I only had a mini chopper to use for about 1 year and let me tell you I made 2 ice cream buckets of ham salad by chopping EVERYTHING in that little thing! Yes it was hard, but you know what? Besides size the only difference between a mini chopper and a food processor is the shredding blade - which I can't seem to stop breaking on every food processor I've bought =(

I'm getting ready to buy my 4th one in the next week and it's only been about 2 years! And I still have the same mini chopper from 3 years ago - it's still just as sharp & as good as the day I bought it USED 3 years ago!! That's a good little chopper!

But anyway......... it'd be kinda cool to have a single burner so I could use my cast iron pan again instead of this cancer lined electric skillet! Got my fingers crossed =)


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