July 27, 2011


Ok now today is all about the chickens =)

To start off when we bought these chickens we were well assured by the farm store that they were ALL hens and I of course believed them (NOT!!). And surprise, surprise we have 2 roosters! I was soooo shocked =O  In all honesty I believe that the farm store people were just going on what the nursery said, although I had hoped it was a good sexer but I wasn't real lucky with that.

Now for a break down of the breeds we got -

  • 4 white leghorns (1 is a rooster)
  • 2 silver-laced wyandottes 
  • australorps (1 is a rooster)
  • 1 white rock
  • 1 barred rock
  • 1 black sex links
  • 1 cherry egger (RIR/NH cross)
  • 2 golden-laced wyandottes
Not sure what we will do with the roosters yet but we'll have to do something eventually. And we still haven't named any of them except the white rock which the girls nicknamed Snow White =) Any day now we'll get our first eggs -- already got a box with a golf ball in there! Still need to build 2 more boxes and get them put up.

I LOVE my chickens! I love chickens period! I can throw just about anything out there and they'll eat it right up. My sweet piggy girls =)  Although I have noticed that they didn't eat the potatoes I threw in there? (they were potatoes that were bad or got chopped in half during harvesting)

Because I took too many pictures of them and because they don't have names yet - I'm going to have a slideshow to showcase them =)



Amy E said...

Hi Anne! I lost the link to your blog, but in going through mine, I found you! Sorry it's been so long. I took the time to read your blog tonight to catch up on the past couple of years. How are you doing? If you are on Facebook, please send me a request Amy Queen-Edge. I look forward to hearing from you!

Anne M. said...

HEY! long time no hear =) I just tried to look you up on facebook but couldn't find you -- here's mine just send a request - http://www.facebook.com/weirdanne

I can't wait to catch up! =)