July 31, 2011

constant changes

We're constantly going through changes around here -- probably pretty normal for most households though =)

Today we go to talk to the pet store lady to see if she's ready for the baby bunnies. She wants to get some of the mini rexs first. I think I'll send one sex at a time, tho I'm not sure yet. A couple days ago we were finally able to sex them properly. None of the grey ones or Speckles are boys =(  Though the all white one is so I may keep him to breed back. We ended up with 5 of one kind and 6 of another -- can't remember which is which now LOL

Another thing is that we keep all our rabbit and chicken feed in the the chicken coop covered in plastic trash cans. Well we just noticed something has been chewing at the top of the chicken feed. Now I knew that may happen but it was far cheaper to take a chance with a plastic trash can for $5 each then to be broke at that time to buy $20 each metal trash cans. I just figured we'd have till early winter before something started chewing on it! Plus I never would have thought something would chew near the top and not at the bottom. Oh well you live and learn I guess.

Still no eggs yet from the girls. I think we're going to have to get rid of the 2 roosters soon their getting pretty noisy! I really don't want the city to try any shady business and make me get rid of them.

My oldest son got a job in the past couple of days. It's an easy job with few hours and little pay but I'm still so proud of him! And his first comment was "now I can help out with bills and stuff"  -- AWWW! Isn't he a sweetheart? =) Of course I'm going to have him use his money on him -- his phone, shoes, clothes, etc. I'll have him help with something small so he feels like he's helping (and he would be!) but not take all his money. He's always been such a responsible boy.

And my oldest daughter has been wanting to help out too so she's been crocheting new dish rags for us! Before now she's not had much luck with crocheting but she's getting pretty good at it now =)  I need to go buy some more cotton yarn though she's used all I had already!

ok that's all for now. gotta get to work on stuff!


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