July 29, 2011

tomatoes & shooting guns =)

I am in so much love with all the tomatoes we've been getting! Here's some I served the kids with lunch the other day. They all like them as long as I put a sprinkling of salt on them =)

And I know it just a trick of my eyes but the yellow ones seem to taste soooo much better than the rest.

Soon I need to go get my canner checked out at the extension office so I can put some of these bad boys up. I'd like to do salsa. Last time I did salsa something messed up and all but 2 jars was ruined =(  I'm taking any chances anymore and am planning on pressure canning them. I don't know I may give it one more go with a different recipe......

We had fun tonight playing shoot the kid with the bb guns. No we're not crazy just a little wild =)  My son Eddie (#3) got a set of bb guns for his birthday and they aren't very powerful. Plus with the plastic bb's they can't be too dangerous if you put some distance between the gun & target. LOL

It was funny we were having the oldest boy run like he was dodging real gun fire and then we'd try to get him - only did like twice. But that was with the daisy gun and metal bb's. For that we only pumped it twice and put about 50 feet between us. After he got tired of running around we set a pumpkin & can up for target practice. Dontcha know that we only hit those 3 times! LOL definitely need to practice more!

Someday I hope to get some paintball guns. I think we'd have lots of fun with them!


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Amy E said...

Hi Anne! Just wanted to let you know you can make the salsa without taking your canner to the extension office. Salsa just needs to be water bathed canned, not pressure sealed.;-) Love that tomato! LOL.