July 26, 2011


Well since I haven't shared it here yet --- we're rabbit farmers now! =)

Since neither one of us felt like we could do the slaughtering part, we only do pet rabbits. I have to say I rather like raising rabbits. Right now we're just starting to get into it for the most part. We have decided we're going to name any we keep after singer/musicians.

OK on to the intros!

First is Madonna - she died within a day of us getting her =(  the transport and auction was too much probably. We was told she was bred already. mini rex doe

Next is Janis Joplin - dutch doe
Janis had one litter (6) that all died the same day, not sure what happened. She had them out of the box and it was SUPER hot out so maybe those things are all factors? Plus it was her first litter. Here's one of the babies, I think it wasn't going to have Dutch markings -

This is Dimebag Darrell our mini rex buck -

Then there's Taylor Swift our small mini rex doe. She had a litter about 6 weeks ago - not one died! Five all black and 2 soft grey. Dimebag Darrell is their dad =)

And last but not least is Mama Cass who is a dwarf doe. She was bred when we got her and after the deal with Madonna I figured the whole litter was a loss. Nope! She had a litter of eight and has four still alive so that's not bad! She has one baby that I'm particularly fond of =)

See the white one with speckles on it's face? that's the one I like =) we secretly call it speckles! it comes right up to me when I am by their cage. But keeping it may not be an option so I'll have to wait and see =)  Just like I'm partial to one of the grey babies too LOL

Right now we have 6 functioning cages but the potential for at least 1 if not 2. All the cages need work since we didn't build them and they are quite aged. But it sure beat having to build them from scratch!

In the next week we will be re-breeding all the does (possibly) and sell all the babies to the local pet store. It'll be sad to see them go but make things here a little easier to breathe! The money will help pay our utility bill and the best part is we will be coming out ahead of what we put into the whole operation by about $30 which ain't bad =)

The next set we should make even more money. Although it will all go towards xmas. Then we'll have to take a break in the breeding for a couple months cause I don't want to deal with losses because of the cold. We've also decided that next year we will take a break in the hottest part of summer too because it was hard dealing with the babies in these high temps.

Ok, up next -- chickens!


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