March 16, 2010

#001 - trying to get poison ivy

Yes, I did say trying to GET poison ivy LOL!

One day when I was about 10 or so I realized that although everyone I knew got poison ivy & such, I never had that problem. So in my infinite wisdom I mention this to my cousin Jenny as we are out at my Dad's grave cleaning up the tombstone. She did NOT believe me but agreed she'd never had it either. But she said she knew what it looked like, so why not look for some?

Our whole idea was if we found some rub it on us and see if we were invincible or what --- BRILLIANT plan, eh? LOL!

See, I'm pretty sure she knew what it looked like because EVERYONE in our family is terribly easy to get it. It's said that most only have to LOOK at it and they can get it! I, on the other hand, STILL can't identify it!

So after about 10 minutes of looking on the east side of the cemetery we found some. So we grabbed a few of the leaves and rubbed it on both our arms & legs, threw down the leaves and went on our way back to her house.

By the time we got back there my Mom was ready to go back home so we parted ways and didn't even get a chance to tell anyone what we had done.

I never got a rash or anything!

Jenny on the other hand couldn't even leave the house for days! And it wasn't just her. The whole house had it pretty bad.

I've NEVER had poison ivy, still to this day. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones! At least I got something good - the whole rest of the family can tan, but not me.

So HA! I get the poison ivy resistance even if I can't go outside without sunscreen! =)


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