September 11, 2009

Day 2 - it's a pandemic!

Day 2 - it's a pandemic!

This was actually done on Thursday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • can't leave your house -- well that usually isn't hard for us we are home-bodies anyway =)

  • some family members are sick, need meds -- this usually isn't hard for us either. we did just go through a MAJOR sickness that ran through all of us and lasted for over 2 weeks and I've yet to replace some of that stuff. so there are some holes in our regular preps.

  • comfort foods for sick family -- *MUAHHAHAHAHAHAAA* comfort foods is my specialty! I have them out the wahzoo! =)

  • all tp & paper towels in bathroom & kitchen are gone -- ok here is where we lost out =( Not that in an emergency situation I wouldn't use something else - I have before - but it's not soft or if it is then it's not pretty! Plus #3 said he would rebel if he has to wash any "reuseable" tp (he's the laundry guy here) LOL! All our disposible paper stuff is in those two locations right now. Normally I have tp stored in a different spot.

  • keep healthy family members that way -- this shouldn't be a problem. We have sani-wipes, Lysol, antibacterial hand gel and soap, and plenty of vitamin C. And if necessary we could always separate everyone - the house here is easily fixed like that. We do NOT have face masks. Even if we did I wouldn't use them at home.
Advanced :
  • it is 7th day of quarantine, fridge food is gone -- I honestly don't believe that unless there is lack of power or a tornado there is ANYWAY all my fridge food would be gone! Even with lack of power there are some things that would still be good. But in this case fridge food would play very little part in this situation. Most of my "sick foods" are not in the fridge.
  • you actually HAVE to stay home -- didn't do this. I could have but didn't. I had been home without leaving for a couple days and it was getting to me so we went on a drive in the country. The other thing I do when I get tired of being at home for days is gardening. I could of done that but.....


I think if this was a real situation we would of done alright but only just squeaking by. This is one of the situations that I try to plan for, so it bothers me that we aren't quite up to par. I really need to make sure I restock things when we use them. I also really wish I could get more herbal type medicines so we aren't constantly pumping a bunch of drugs into whoever is sick.

In regards to the tp - we usually have no less than 2 rolls in other locations of the house (to blow noses). Also although it isn't pleasant it is completely possible to use coffee filters as tp. It's alot easier to wash and re-use a piece of fabric for a coffee filter than to do the same for tp. Also it also possible to just use paper -- that's what my mom's family did while growing up. The trick is to crumble it up to "soften" it up before use. Although I have flushed coffee filters when on city sewer, I wouldn't advise it. It probably wouldn't be all that great on a septic tank either. And paper is completely out of the question of going down the drain. Just use plastic grocery bags to put that stuff in and change often!

About the face masks - I don't think I would ever make use of them within the home. Right now since we live with SR I might. But although I know that they can be of great use to reduce sickness even within the home - I feel that anything my family has to go through there is no reason I can't also. When it comes to the adults/parents being sick and not the kids things would be different probably - but not definitely. One main reason is we have none.


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