September 17, 2009

my thoughts on the seven day challenge

First let me say that I really appreciate all the hard work that the ladies who did this challenge at Food Storage Made Easy. I'm sure it can't be easy setting all this up. I enjoyed being challenged and running through the scenarios even if I didn't actively enter in the contests.

But I do have to say that I expected more of a challenge. I don't know exactly what I expected but I figured it would be ....... more?........... something.

I believe that this challenge was a good one for anyone just starting down the path of emergency preps and food storage. I have been at this for quite a few years now so these challenges in some parts weren't very challenging. Not that someone who's been at it for awhile doesn't need this! Heck I check through all my stuff at least twice a year. And a random in between check showed me some areas that I need to pay more attention too.

And there were some things that I thought of that I do need to add. And re-affirmed reasons why I don't have "such and such".

Over all I am glad I participated, even if it was in my own way! =)
Make sure you check out their site and if your new to food storage check out their Baby steps checklist.


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