September 15, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 4

Day 4 - money is tight!

This was actually done on Saturday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • water is shut-off
  • no cable, internet, cell phones
  • no bread & you need it
  • do an activity outside the home with your family that doesn't cost anything
Advanced :
  • car is on E and you have no money for gas
  • power is off too


This is definitely a challenge but they are all things I have had to live through before. Thankfully not ALL at once!

Lack of water is something that is near impossible to go through for more than a few days without gas for your car and money. This last winter we went without water for more than a month - this was NOT EASY! We spent lots of money on bottled water, the laundry mat, hotels, kitty litter, and trash. If I had to estimate it -- about $1500 !!! Seriously if it had just been a water bill stopping us from having water I would of paid it 10x over -- what would be the point?

About 5 years ago we went without water for over a month during the winter also. At that time we didn't have any extra money to work with, but did live near family. When you live near friends or family then things don't cost as much. Oh and when you can use the toilet to add water too helps LOTS! That winter I don't think we spent ANY money. And if I had to guess we only caused our family's bills to go up about $40 - which for a family of 6 isn't bad at all.

The whole idea I'm trying to explain is water is necessary. So necessary that without it you will beg friends or family to bum or spend all you can to obtain every little bit you need.

But you know I don't think it's possible to store up enough water to prepare for everything. Shocked? HA!

It's true though - the average family (who is that?!?) would be hard pressed to store up enough water to prepare for frozen solid water pipes or long stretch of unemployment. That's like thousands of gallons of water! Even if you rationed it out and re-used all you could it would still be in the thousands.

But I do think it's completely possible to store up enough water for a family's drinking and cooking -- even for a long stretch. For example - your water supply is contaminated because of water main break/repair or for some unknown reason (like happened while I was growing up in Manchester - the Army ended up bringing in water trucks!). But with these scenarios you would be able to use the water from the tap for baths, cleaning, laundry, and the toilet although drinking and cooking water would be VERY necessary.

Quite honestly the other things on the list - even the advanced ones - are easy compared to no water.

I've went months without a phone. Yes it can be hard, but really it's easier than going without disposable diapers and you have no cloth backups!! LOL!

A person CAN live without internet --- I say this to myself all the time, as a reminder LOL! I find this one EXTREMELY hard to do! But if it is necessary I could go to the library =)

We've lived for months (year?) without cable, it's not too hard. Especially with the new digital - if you can get it. The library is a big help too.

The first time I made bread was in a pressed environment -- it baked up GREAT! I got the yeast in a food order and we needed bread and had no gas to get to the store, so I baked up a loaf. Desperation can work miracles! You know I've never had another loaf turn out so great as that one did. Bread alternatives you can bake up are good to know how to do also cause sometimes bread takes patience that you may not posses in an emergency situation.

Doing something as a family with no money in today's economy should be quite easy! Our go to activities are gardening, the park, and the library. Our favorite free activity as a family requires a radio but can be done anywhere --- music trivia! We all love it =)

Having no gas sucks but can be somewhat easy to go around. This is where making sure you live near the essentials is good LOL! There ain't nothing like trying to walk in the snow with a couple kids to get groceries when the store is a mile or two away!

Living with no power does take a bit more planning if you want to do so with ANY kinds of comforts. Try to plan with as many things as you can!! Just believe me on this =)   Candles, lanterns, battery operated clocks and radios, a way to cook (gas stove, propane grill), heat source, and any which way to charge batteries. If you can get your hands on a solar battery recharger that's best, if not at least a car charger one.


Yea we would of been ok, although could of been alot better if we had all our things from storage. These are the main things I do prep for.


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