September 7, 2009

Been doing jelly like crazy.

Been doing jelly like crazy. Saturday we finally did the crab apple juice that we made last fall into jelly. It turned a really pretty clear red. Which means we did the juicing right =)

Had a little left over and we added regular apple juice to it so it would be a full batch. Now that was a REALLY beautiful pinky/peach color. It was crystal clear too. =)

Yesterday we did the pomegranate juice -- remember the POM Wonderful contest? (here) Well the bottle I had was only enough for about half a batch so I added in some black cherry/concord grape juice for the other half. It tastes really good! Then cause I was on a roll I made a batch with just the black cherry/concord grape. But I ran out of sugar so I just used the no sugar pectin --- YUCK! Darkside likes it but I sure don't! It's just a little too tart or something.

I've been more than a little preoccupied with an app on Myspace lately =) But we gotta get to cracking this week so it'll be sitting for a bit till things calm down.

Oh and we didn't go to the auction yesterday. I guess SR decided that it was ok to keep feeding the fat white "hogs" -- UGH! I really wanted to get rid of them! And I really don't want to mess with slaughtering them. You know maybe today or tomorrow I'll start calling slaughtering houses to see which ones close will do chickens. I only called one before, at least that may be an idea? =)


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