September 16, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 5

Day 5 - earthquake!

This was actually done on Sunday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • no water (pipe broke)
  • no power (been cut)
  • 2nd day after quake -- fridge food is bad, freezer food ok
  • while driving home road is blocked by big rocks -- do you have a shovel?
  • damage in your home ruined computers -- do you have it backed up?
  • keep family entertained with no power

Advanced :
  • no generators - they got crushed
  • no fridges or freezers - they got crushed


Many of these things I've already covered in earlier days so I will talk about the things I haven't so far =)

We do not have a shovel in the vehicles generally (hey anything IS possible!). I think it would probably be a good idea if you could find a folding one. I think there are camping shovels that fold. It would probably be helpful for many different things like removing rocks (like above), stuck in snow/mud, and moving road kill. This is something that if I can get my hand on one cheap I will definitely be getting.

Having all data on a computer lost is not something new to us. No I don't have EVERYTHING backed up, but I do have the majority saved. My outlook on info on the computer is -- if it's on here then it must be ok to lose or I've got another place it's stored (online, disk, etc.). Pictures are the one thing that I don't have stored elsewhere and I would definitely miss. But I do save them from time to time, just not every  day/week/month.


This is another major thing I attempt to prepare for because we live near the New Madrid fault line. This one is really hard though because the majority of quakes here are small and do little to no damage and those aren't the ones I'm preparing for (or attempting anyhow).

I don't think we are prepared at all for an earthquake. I think most of our general preps would possibly work if the situation is just right. Got work to do =)


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